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Gear tactics su console ad autunno

Gears Tactics is a Gears of War turn-based strategy game that was released on April 28th, The game takes place twelve years before the original Gears of Warcentered around a new squad led by Kait Diaz's father, war-hero Lt. The squad can be customized and recruit a number of different A. Gears Tactics is set 12 years before the first Gears of War.

Cities on the planet Sera are beginning to fall to the monstrous threat rising from underground — the Locust Horde. With the government in disarray, a squad of survivors emerge as humanity's last hope. Play as Gabriel Diazrecruiting, developing and commanding your squads on a desperate mission to hunt down the relentless and powerful leader of the Locust army: Ukkonthe mastermind monster who makes monsters. Against all odds and fighting for survival, outsmart your enemy in uniquely brutal, turn-based tactical combat.

Various squads are stationed in ground-zero areas to immediately sweep the area of Locust survivors.

gear tactics su console ad autunno

Gabriel Diaz. Arriving to the CIC building, Sgt. Diaz finds the top-secret files as intel on a Locust scientist named Ukkon.

Just as the Hammer strikes begin on Aldair, Sgt.

gear tactics su console ad autunno

Diaz and Major Redburn take shelter in a bank vault. Afterward, they return to the Aldair base to discover it destroyed not by the Hammer, but by Ukkon. Diaz contacts Chairman Prescott, who reveals that Ukkon is responsible for the various creatures that the Locust use as weapons, and needs to be stopped.

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He assigned Sgt. Diaz because he is unable to provide him with reinforcements and supplies, but believes in him because of Sgt. Diaz's resourcefulness during the Battle of Gatka Ridge. Diaz and Major Redburn begin their mission with recruiting their task force by first looking for Echo-Fivewho was also stationed in Aldair as a mop-up crew. Upon discovering survivors Marcella Trinh and Tyrone Shephardthey reveal that they were ambushed.Gears Tactics evolves turn-based tactics games combining signature fast-paced brutal action and character-driven storytelling with customizable squads, upgradable weapons, and of course, massive boss battles.

Gears Tactics is also the first Gears game to be specifically designed for PC gamers. Thanks, ResetEra. Comments are welcome and encouraged on Gematsu. However, we ask that you follow a simple set of guidelines:. Gematsu reserves the right to edit or delete any comments without notice.

This comment policy is subject to change at any time. View All Events. Fergusson also confirmed that Splash Damage is the team developing Gears Tactics. Here is an overview of the game, via Microsoft: Gears Tactics evolves turn-based tactics games combining signature fast-paced brutal action and character-driven storytelling with customizable squads, upgradable weapons, and of course, massive boss battles.

PS5 development kit design patent confirmed by Codemasters artist Next post. Related Articles. Upcoming Events. May 7 - August July 20 pm - pm JST. July 22 pm - pm EDT.

July 23 pm EDT. July 26 pm - July 27 am JST.

Gears Tactics Review

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Gears Tactics adds Xbox One version

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She witnessed the first stages of the fall of Lordaeron during the Third War firsthand and, guided by a mysterious prophet later revealed as MedivhJaina rallied what survivors she could find and fled across the sea to Kalimdor.

Jaina Proudmoore

There, her expedition forces joined together with the night elves and the New Horde and defeated the Burning Legion during the Battle of Mount Hyjal. The human survivors then founded the port city of Theramorejoining the Alliance led by Varian Wrynnwhile maintaining peace with the Horde for several years.

Jaina managed to escape with her life, but the experience transformed her, making her more bellicose and even altering her appearance. Following the death of Rhonin during the attack, and fulfilling a prophecy made by the dragon-mage KorialstraszJaina took the fallen mage's place as leader of the Kirin Tor and head of the Council of Six.

Following the Battle for the Broken Shorethe Council decided unanimously to re-admit the Horde into Dalaran for the greater good. Furious, Jaina left the Kirin Tor. Following the War of the ThornsJaina returned to her homeland of Kul Tiras in the name of the Alliance but was imprisoned for treason by her mother at the suggestion of Lady Priscilla Ashvane. After Ashvane's own betrayal was discovered, Jaina reunited with her mother and brought the lost Kul Tiran fleet back home.

Jaina serves as one of the main protagonists in the Warcraft franchise. Jaina was loved by her family and, from an early age, was filled with the joy of learning and the duties of a young lady, despite House Proudmoore 's military background. As a child, she had a governess and several tutors [15] and propriety demanded that she be followed by an escort of her lady-in-waiting and a guard or two.

When her magical talent was discovered after the Second War[21] Katherine had to fight Daelin to allow Jaina to be taught at Dalaranthough their daughter didn't know of this.

One day during a prayer session in the Menethil family chapelJaina for the first time met the year-old Prince Arthasheir to the throne of Lordaeron, who thought Jaina looked like someone who was well accustomed to riding and hiking, spent a great deal of time outdoors, and would not mind having a snowball pelted in her face or going for a swim on a hot day. Arthas volunteered to escort Jaina to Dalaran along with her guards and servants. One night during the journey, the prince convinced her to sneak off with him and look at one of the internment camps where the Alliance kept orcs imprisoned—the first real adventure they had together.

Unlike Arthas, Jaina found herself feeling compassion for the captive orcs, even though the Horde had killed her older brother Derek during the Second War. Jaina spent the following years studying as a member of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. Shortly after, Arthas visited Dalaran for a few months under the pretense of studying history so that he could get an opportunity to court Jaina.

During a ride outside the city, the two kissed for the first time and began a romantic relationship, much to Kael'thas' chagrin. They initially kept their affair secret from the public in order to avoid feeding the rumor mill, but over the following year, Jaina began visiting Capital City during holidays. At Hallow's Endafter Jaina used a fire spell to ignite the wickerman to the crowd's delight, she and Arthas retreated to the prince's rooms and had sex for the first time.

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gear tactics su console ad autunno

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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled.Gears 5 is among the games listed to officially support mouse and keyboard on Xbox One.

Most of these titles, including Gears 5, are also going to support Razer Chroma and Xbox Dynamic lighting integration. Gears Tactics was originally announced only for PC but this listing strongly suggests that an Xbox One version is indeed on the way.

As to Gears 5, it's set to be the biggest first-party game released by Microsoft when it launches later this year. It will be the first entry with a different protagonist than a member of the Fenix family, with Kait Diaz voiced by Laura Bailey set to lead this time around. The inclusion of official mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One seems to be another step in ensuring cross-play parity between the console and PC version of the game. The Coalition already experimented with crossplay for Gears of War 4though at the time Xbox One users were at a distinct disadvantage since they weren't able to use mouse and keyboard on the console, at least by official means.

It remains to be seen whether controller users, both on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, will feel penalized by this choice. What do you think of this move by Microsoft? Should all games on Xbox One come with mouse and keyboard support from now on? By Alessio Palumbo. Share Tweet Submit. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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